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Grievers Library brings together those who seek grief support and those who seek to support grievers through the sharing of free books and resources on grief and loss. Everyone is welcome to participate in our volunteer-based community project.

you are not alone


If you, or someone you know, is living with grief, please take a book or two from any of the Grievers Library boxes. They are there for you, labeled with topics intended to help you find the right one for your needs. 

You are welcome to keep the book, share the book, or return the book for others in need.

 office volunteers

The Grievers Library welcomes volunteers to provide administrative support, including sorting and labeling books; reading, editing and mounting grief notes on the website; database updates; ordering replacement books; stocking book crates for delivery to library stewards, etc. Some tasks can be done remotely; others require working in our Ballard office.

 library stewards

Do you have time to be a volunteer “library steward?” Library stewards visit their  designated Book Box weekly to determine which books have been removed and restock with similar titles; library stewards keep  records of all book borrowing activity (notes and phone photo) and contact the office to request replacement books, as required.

grief professionals

The Grievers Library is working to connect with grief professionals across Seattle – ministers, rabbis, imams, funeral directors, grief therapists, plus national authors and publishers. Let us know if you work in the “grief space” and we will add you to our database, plus provide a PDF or printed copies of our informational brochure for you to share with your clients/congregants.

community activities

As Grievers Library goes public, we are reaching out to share our work with community organizations and grief support groups with mutual concerns in providing services to the silent sufferers in our midst.

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May 25, 2022:                                                               

Library Sciences grad student, Sandra Bobman, presented her end-of-year Capstone project in front of her UW peers explaining her work in collection development at the Grievers Library during the Winter and Spring quarters.

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August 5, 2022:

An Op Ed, "grievers mini library filled with solace," written by volunteer Project Manager Pamela Belyea is published in the Seattle Times announcing the public launch of the Grievers Library. A positive buzz has begun! Read article HERE.

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August 11, 2022:

Book Box #1 Launch Party in front of the Greenwood Senior Center. A sweet event with live music, welcoming speeches, cookies, lemonade and a group of enthusiastic supporters.  The first ever Grievers Library Book Box is now open 24/7! See video HERE. (Speaker in the photo is Jane Dore, SPD Community Service Officer & GL donor)

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September 30, 2022:

Presentation at Greenwood Senior Center. GL's first public talk in the community with loyal volunteers in attendance. We met our first Library Steward, Will Ringness, who volunteered to re-stock Book Box #1 on Fridays. 

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October 4, 2022:

Annual Luncheon of Safe Crossings Foundation. After a year of Zoom meetings, met colleagues serving children in the grief community face to face, including ED Josh Clements from Our Treehouse in Bellingham. SCF supported our work in 2022 with a $1,500 grant. Thank you! 

Vashon Senior Center - Site #2.jpg

October 7, 2022:

Visit to Vashon Senior Center. Met with Program & Volunteer Manager Pamela Wickard to discuss siting an Affiliate Book Box in close proximity to their Center in the downtown area. Attended a "Sharing is Healing" grief support group that meets at the center on Fridays led by Diane Brenno

AFSP Walk 2022 - Hosting Table.jpg

October 9, 2022:

Hosted a Table at American Foundation for Suicide Prevention "Out of the Darkness" community walk at Seattle Center. Met 50+ curious participants and gave away 35 books to grieving parents, spouses, siblings, teens, friends and colleagues who have lost a loved one to suicide.   

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October 26, 2022:

Attended the Spousal Support Group at the Greenwood Senior Center at the invitation of GL volunteer, Mary Viggiano. Presented the scope of our work - book boxes, global public library lists and "EZReads" grief passages to an appreciative group. Gave away 14 books.  

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Upcoming: December 2, 2022:

Presentation at Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club by invitation of Dennis Newell. We appreciate the opportunity to meet business and community leaders to explain the GL mission, invite support and broaden our audience.