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books for the bereaved

The anguish of grief is often dismissed, isolated, and misunderstood by our “get-over-it-already” culture. Yet grief can persist for a lifetime and grievers need compassion and meaningful resources to find their way to healing and renewal hence our goal to provide books that bring comfort, information and inspiration.

At Grievers Library we provide free biblio-therapy for grievers through:

  • Book Boxes stocked with 50+ books in 5 distinct Seattle neighborhoods

  • Global Grievers Library hyperlinked to a database of 10,000 public libraries world-wide

  • "EZ Reads" excerpted from books, blogs and research articles 

take comfort. take a book.

The Grievers Library is fueled by volunteerism and love. Just like the food bank gives away free food, we give away free books. That’s why we call the Grievers Library a “love bank.” And, as you know, love and compassion are the greatest nourishment anyone can provide to bereaved individuals. 


Our books are gifts to you from fellow grievers who have shared the same journey and recognize your need to receive guidance for your own grief process. Please consult our book topics to see what kinds of books we offer and whether they might prove useful to you or a bereaved individual you wish to support.

If you wish to donate grief-related books, or you wish to help us buy grief-related books, please go to our Wish List. We always appreciate the return of our books to our Book Boxes. Thank you.

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