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library steward info + contact form

our philosophy:
Volunteers are the heart of the Grievers Library. With no paid staff, our volunteers provide the labor for Grievers Library to deliver its “bibliotherapy” mission, allowing us to support a broad base of grievers.

your role: Library Stewards keep our Book Boxes stocked with grief books.

tasks include:  We ask each Library Steward to stock your Book Box once a week;  keep a tally of number of books replaced and notify our office when you need replacement stock or any specialized grief books.

typical schedule: Anytime each week, preferably the same day.

location: tbd based on where you live or work.

requirement: Each Library Steward is asked to store 2 milk crates filled with adult and youth grief books in your car, home or office for quick re-stocking of your Book Box.

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We appreciate your contacting the Grievers Library. Take care.


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