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 our amazing supporters

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With the support of over 100 volunteers and donors, we opened our first Book Box in  2022 and added 3 more Book Boxes at the end of November 2023. We are planning to add another 6 Book Boxes in 2024. We are truly thankful that this project continues to be sustained by the kindness and generosity of so many individuals and businesses.  
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our donors

Many thank to our donors whose funds allow us to buy books, and more books! For every $10 donated, we buy a grief book and label it according to the donor's wishes. learn more

Pamela Belyea & Gary Faigin

Bob & Linda Dahl

Muriel Dance

Fred H. and Mary S. Dore Foundation

Wendlyn Ehrman

Rose Frantzen & Charles Morris

Cecily Kaplan

Fred Feiertag

Laura-Lee Fineman Karp

Laurie Kiely

Carol Kummet

in memory of Phillip Levine

Joanne Merriman

Ann Morris

Flip Morse

Monica Rush

Safe Crossings Foundation 

Jamie Saltoon

Deborah Scott

Cathy Sarkowsky

our book donors

We appreciate the generosity of the many donors of grief-related books that fill our shelves. Every donated grief book receives a named label according to the donor's wishes. learn more

Kathleen Albin

Pamela Belyea

Eve Celsi

Rabbi Muriel Dance

Marlow Harris & Jo David

Kathy Frodsham

Laura-Lee Fineman Karp

Fred Feiertag

Chris Gedye

Friends for Survival

Luna Jaffe

Laurie Kiely

Fran Kremen & Marc Mayo

Maggie Lewis

Rabbi Myrna Matsa

Grace Lynch

Kathleen O'Connor

Anna Rhodes

Deborah Scott

Cathy Sarkowsky

Jamie Saltoon

Jinny Tesik

The Healing Center

DLisa West

our in-kind donors

Special thanks to the generous individuals and businesses who donated office equipment and supplies to launch the Grievers Library:

Bookcases: Cathy Sarkowsky

Office Furnishings: Shayne Adler, Pamela Belyea, Flanders & Ingrid Matthews

Office Equipment: Fred Feiertag, Laura Mueser & Elaine Corets

Office Supplies: Elaine Corets, Daniella Kim, OfficeMax Ballard, & Max Sarkowsky

Canvas Tote Bags: Trader Joe's & Associated Bag

our volunteers

Many thanks to every person who has volunteered their time in support of the Grievers Library. learn more

Baking Volunteers: Pamela Belyea, Janet Cho, Geoff Flack, Taevery Glaser, Karin Greenlaw & Courtney Keen

Book Consultants: Holly Myers, Susan Scott & Jesica Swedler deHart

Brand Name: Sharon Hazzard

Launch Musician: Mikhail Schmidt

Launch Speakers: Pamela Belyea, Jane Dore, Chris Inaba, Cecily Kaplan
Launch Refreshments: Trader Joe's

Launch Support: Kyle Ackley, Bob Bejan, Aaron Hale, Kai Nakahara, Leslie Ross, Max Sarkowsky, Bruce Scott, Trader Joes

Librarians: Sandra Bobman (UW iSchool), Jannah Minnix & Michelle Urberg

Logo Designer: Jennifer Coghill

Office Install: John Dickson, Flanders, Kai Nakahara, Leslie Ross & Julie Tall

Office Volunteers: Janet Cho, Kathy Frodsham, Ella Griffin, Kris Harry, Cecily Kaplan, Laura Mueser, Laura Nelson, Charlotte Pozil, Kristen Spexarth, Mary Viggiano & DLisa West

Photography: Liz Stone

Project Manager: Pamela Belyea

Researchers: Sarah Comfort & Ellen Kissman

Resource Advisor: Laurie Kiely

Website Design & Illustrations: BelyeaConsult

AND, a very special thanks to our "mother ship" Friends for Survival in California.

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