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our philosophy:
Volunteers are the heart of the Grievers Library. With no paid staff, our volunteers provide the labor for Grievers Library to deliver its “bibliotherapy” mission, allowing us to support a broad base of grievers.


For some, volunteering in a compassionate environment filled with a vast inventory of helpful books may also provide welcome purpose and meaning during bereavement. 

your role: You work with a group at our Ballard office to prepare new and used grief books for distribution in Grievers Library Book Boxes.

tasks include: removing labels from used books; applying donor & GL labels; adding “classification” labels to book bindings, plus filling tote bags with requested replacement books
typical schedule: Saturday or Sunday afternoon for 3 hours (1-4pm)
location: Ballard office at 5004 6th Avenue NW (not ADA accessible)
equirements: Ability to focus and do simple manual tasks without supervision; interest in the subject matter of books in order to add appropriate classification labels.

refreshments: We provide coffee, tea and treats + music!
build your own group: We invite you to recruit a group of your friends to make up a work party. The ideal number of volunteers is 6 teens or adults.

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contact form

We appreciate your contacting the Grievers Library. Take care.

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