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The grief books in our Book Boxes are new and used, written by professionals and grievers alike. Each large Book Box contains a sampling of 65 grief books; each smaller Book Box contains a sampling of 25 grief books.

Our book inventory includes:

  • Books that address Grief "in general," Anticipatory Grief, Complicated Grief, Fresh Grief & Long Grief

  • Books for the Bereaved Pre-schooler, Bereaved Early Reader, Bereaved Middle Schooler & Bereaved Teen

  • Books for the Bereaved Parent, Bereaved Spouse, Bereaved Sibling, Bereaved Friend & Bereaved Caregiver

  • Books for adults caring for Bereaved Children

  • Books on Miscarriage, Baby Loss, Child Loss, Parent Loss, Grandparent Loss 

  • Books about Trauma, Suicide, Cancer, Drug Overdose, Sudden Illness/Accident & Military Death

  • Books written specifically for Men and/or Widowers

  • Medical Books about Death & Dying, Mental Illness & Psychology

  • Spiritual Books that include Poetry, Prayers, Rites & Rituals, Mediums & the After Life.

  • Books that reflect different religions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu & Buddhist

  • Books that address LGBTQI+ and BIPOC issues

  • Memoirs and Journal Workbooks

  • We have a limited number of books on Pet Loss and Divorce

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