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book donations

We appreciate your donation of new and used grief-related books to support the work of the Grievers Library. Every book in our sharing library has a donor label. Please let us know if we should use your name, or "in honor" or "in memory" of someone else.       

There are 5 ways to donate:

Transparent Book.png

1. If you have a few grief-related books to give away, you are welcome to shelve them at our book box in front of the Greenwood Senior Center.

2. If you have a box of grief books and you want to drop them off, please leave them in the covered blue bin in the driveway of our Main Office address.

3. If you already own a box of grief books and you want to ship them  to the Grievers Library via USPS, UPS or FedEx, please use our Main Office address.

thank you!

4. If you wish to purchase new or used books to keep the Grievers Library fully stocked, please ship them to our Main Office. You can review our list of highest need books here:

Main Office:


5004 6th Avenue NW

Seattle WA 98107-3511

5. If you live in Seattle and you want us to pick up a bag or box of grief-related books, please contact us by email and we will schedule a pickup at your home or office.

To receive a written acknowledgement for in-kind book donations, please email us your name, your address, # of books, and their total value. We like to add a donor label to every book, so please tell us whose name we should use.

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