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Grievers Library brings together those who seek grief support and those who seek to support grievers through the sharing of free books and resources on grief and loss. Everyone is welcome to participate in our volunteer-based community project.

you are not alone


If you, or someone you know, is living with grief, please take a book or two from any of the Grievers Library boxes. They are there for you, labeled with topics intended to help you find the right one for your needs. 

You are welcome to keep the book, share the book, or return the book for others in need.

 office volunteers

The Grievers Library welcomes volunteers to provide administrative support, including sorting and labeling books; reading, editing and mounting grief notes on the website; database updates; ordering replacement books; stocking book crates for delivery to library stewards, etc. Some tasks can be done remotely; others require working in our Ballard office.

 library stewards

Do you have time to be a volunteer “library steward?” Library stewards visit their  designated Book Box bi-weekly to determine which books have been removed and restock with similar titles; library stewards keep  records of all book borrowing activity (notes and phone photo) and contact the office to request replacement books, as required.

grief professionals

The Grievers Library is working to connect with grief professionals across Seattle – ministers, rabbis, imams, funeral directors, grief therapists, plus national authors and publishers. Let us know if you work in the “grief space” and we will add you to our database, plus provide a PDF or printed copies of our informational brochure for you to share with your clients/congregants.