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2022 donors

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We are grateful for the continued support of the Grievers Library by our community, as shown in the lists below. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!
See our generous Launch Team, comprised of 90+ businesses and individuals who helped us launch Book Box #1 in August 2022 HERE.

our 2022 donors

MANY THANKS to our donors who gifts funds for the Grievers Library to buy books.
For every $10 donated, we buy a grief book and label it according to the donor's wishes.

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Bob & Linda Dahl

Fred Feiertag

Petra Martin

our book donors

WE TRULY THANK the many in-kind donors of grief-related books that fill our shelves. Every grief book donated receives a named labels according to the donor's wishes. learn more

Paula Becker, author

Laura-Lee Fineman Karp

Kathy Frodsham

Jenny Lisk, author

Grace Lynch

Luna Peak Foundation
Rabbi Myrna Matsa

special thanks to
Greenwood Senior Center
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