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"Certainly for a mourner, who may feel profoundly isolated, making contact with others is an essential part of healing.Rabbi Anne Brener, "Mourning & Mitzvah"

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your grief

Do you have words of grief, grace or gratitude that you would like to share? A short note, a poem, a prayer, an image? We post one submission each week here and on our group Facebook page. All submissions will be considered for inclusion in a Grievers Library publication in the future. 

submission of the week


Rachel F. shares:
GriefLand is a no-man’s land; a place you never knew existed; a place no-one talks about; a lonely country with no map to navigate your way. You beg for asylum from your trauma and your tears. You want to go back. But there are no embassies issuing visas and no flights out of this strange country. Eventually you may find a sheltering forest, or a bountiful garden, but only after miles of wandering in your silent wilderness of love, and loss, and grief. 

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