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Library Steward Info Form

The Grievers Library will launch in May 2022 with five dedicated Book Boxes around Seattle (see generic map) stocked with free grief-related books for bereaved children, teenagers, and adults.  


  • Seeking volunteers with EZ access to a Book Box in their neighborhood

  • Book Box locations pending – see generic Seattle map

  • Anticipated time commitment: 1 to 2 hours per week

  • Two Library Stewards monitor, maintain and re-stock one assigned Book Box bi-weekly


  • Pick up books in 2 milk crates at Ballard Office on a monthly or bi-monthly basis

  • Store stocked milk crates in your car trunk

  • Visit your assigned Book Box 2x/week

  • Note # of books removed and replace with  books on same topic

  • Snap a cell phone photo of the Book Box collection and text to Office for publication on the website.

Seattle Map thicker border.JPG

OFFICE LOCATION:   5004 6th Ave NW in Ballard

(24 steps to office door – please be vaccinated/boosted and wear a mask)

CONTACT: Pamela Belyea | pamelaATbelyeaconsultDOTcom | m: 206 852-7959

OR fill in our Library Steward Info Form here

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