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Thank you to our generous donors!

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Our donors gift new and used books or donate dollars to buy books to keep Grievers Library Book Boxes stocked with meaningful, all-ages grief literature. Each book includes a donor label as our acknowledgement of your generosity.

  • For every $10 donated, we buy a grief book and label it according to the donor’s wishes. donate $s here

  • Every grief book donated receives a named label according to the donor’s wishes.  donate books here

sample book labels

Book Donor Labels.JPG

Kathleen Albin

Bob Baugher, author

Pamela Belyea & Gary Faigin

   in memory of Ben Faigin

   in memory of Frieda Faigin
   in memory of Sybil Faigin

   in memory of Jane Belyea

   in memory of Priscilla Jones

   in memory of Phillip Levine

Sandra Bobman
 in memory of Joseph Bobman

   in memory of Constance Cochran
   in memory of Jim Cochran
   in memory of Zach Davis

Lisa K. Boehm, author
n memory of Katie Boehm

Iris Bolton, author

   Iris Bolton, Family & Friends

Muriel Dance

Fred H & Mary S. Dore Foundation

Wendlyn Ehrman

Fred Feiertag

   in memory of Anne Feiertag

Laura-Lee Fineman Karp

Rose Frantzen & Charles Morris

   in memory of Sue Morris

Friends for Survival

Marlow Harris & Jo David

Cecily Kaplan

Karen Kent

Laurie Kiely

   in memory of N. Ross Kiely

Fran Kremen and Marc Mayo
in memory of Siri Mayo

Carol Kummet
in memory of Dr. Stu Farber

Steffanie Lorig, author

Grace Lynch
in memory of John F Curry 3

Joanne Merriman

Ann Morris

Flip Morse

   in memory of Wendy Morse

New Harbinger Publications

Kathleen O'Connor

Suzanne Redfern, author

Anna Rhodes

Monica Rush

Safe Crossings Foundation

Jamie Saltoon
in memory of Jared Saltoon

Cathy Sarkowsky
in memory of Ben Faigin

Kristen Spexarth, author
in honor of loss survivors

Jinny Tesik

The Healing Center

Jan Warner, author

Nisha Zenoff PhD, author

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