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Excerpted from: "Grace Like Scarlett" by Adriel Booker


How does a mother learn to breathe again after her baby dies? One breath in. One breath out. And then again. And again.

Suffering does not choose the weak or the strong, the faithful or the faithless. It chooses the human. When you are caught by waves that are larger than your capacity to stay above the surface, you’ve got to allow your heart to feel the pain all the way down to the bottom, so that when you get there you can see you’re still alive. There’s still hope. It’s from the bottom that we can begin to heal our way back up to the surface. The human heart is fragile, yes, but it’s also more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

The deep is not our enemy or a thing to be resisted. But it does command our attention. No matter what form it takes, suffering always commands our attention. It will not be alleviated by comparison to greater or lesser suffering, or even your perception of it. Your pain is your pain and it deserves the dignity of recognition, for that is where healing begins.

Page 44. Excerpted from: "Grace Like Scarlett" by Adriel Booker. Posted by permission from the author. Published by Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, copyright 2018.

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